The BEST physical therapists in the area. I've been seeing Greg and Leslie on and off for the last 10 years, and they know what they are doing! The best orthopedic surgeons (Santa Monica Orthopedic Group) only refer their patients to Malibu Rehab.

They just hired a new massage therapist named Abbey who is a MIRACLE WORKER--she's been an instructor at a acupuncture/massage school in NYC for decades and knows her stuff. She's helped me get off my migraine and asthma meds just with acupressure massage. My body never felt so good.

The office manager Alex is sweet, organized and accommodating. And they just remodeled so it's beautiful! Marvelous place!

Emily B.

If not for Malibu Rehab I probably would not be walking! Greg and Leslie are the best of the best! As is the amazing staff! Jesse and Alex are so accommodating and understanding I love those girls!!! I really mean it when I say it.....ANYONE who has pain of any kind should come here first and then go from there! Life savers!!! I love and thank all of you for helping me manage my back, it is a life log journey that I could not handle without Malibu Rehab!

Nicole R.

I really feel care about by everyone at the clinic. Alex is always warm and thoughtful while Adams as gotten me into the best shape of my life while Gregg oversee Leslie an Abby so that everyone works together seamlessly. I was a quadraphonic once with too many injuries to name. They have never given up on me. They are all angles for me!

Allie P.

Malibu rehabilitation is the best physical therapy facility you could ask for! I have been seeing Greg Beaton off and on for 20 years now and he has literally helped me recover from several injuries. (Thats what I get for being active). Alex and Jessy have always been so friendly and most accommodating when I need an appointment. Adam, personal trainer, has tought me proper exercises to strengthen and avoid future injuries. They all have literally got me back on my feet when I needed them most!

Tammy P.

I could not have rehabbed my shoulder without Greg Beaton PT and Adam Daigler the private trainer there. After shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff and torn bicep, I got a frozen shoulder. So back to square one. Took 6 months of therapy, the last 3 months with strengthening exercises with Adam in their gym. Both Greg and Adam are dedicated and concerned about their patient's wellbeing. I am thankful to have found them.

Jack E.

Greg and his staff are great, guided me through my torn hamstring injury and got me back out in the ocean and mountains. He really takes the time to work on you personally.

Tony H.

Not only has Adam been an incredible personal trainer, ensuring that I am never hurting myself when exercising, but Alex greets us so warmly and brightens the entire place up every day. I greatly appreciate their dedication!

Deidre C.

I have been a patient of Greg's for the last 10 years. I have arthritis in my neck. It causes my neck to become so tight I cannot turn my head to see cars in the next lane or to easily back out of my driveway or a parking space. Greg treats that-so my neck turns without pain and I can drive successfully.

Living in Malibu-driving is a necessity. I am so glad Greg is here!

Harriet P.

In short, Greg is a miracle worker. I drive up every week from Santa Monica so Greg can work on a fractured ankle. He has been instrumental in my recovery and I am now tracking toward full recovery. Thank you Greg!

Dov H.

In 2010, I found out I had two ruptured discs in my low back and was told by my orthopedic doctor that I was more than likely going to have to have back surgery at 23 years old... Instead, Dr. Molnar at SCOI recommend that I go see Gregory Beaton. Greg fully saved me from having back surgery and my back is now completely healed. I am more than grateful to him.

I recently just came back to the office this year for neck pain and the whole office has been remodeled! What a difference! So clean, bright and beautiful! The gym looks incredible and the bathroom looks excellent, brand new private shower and all! The two girls at the front desk are so kind and accommodating and their Personal Trainer Adam seems great! Waiting to book an appointment with him. They have also added a Massage Therapist Abbey who I can tell you from experience is also incredible.

Highly recommended!

Alexandra H.

The intake procedure is incredibly through. I was amazed to find that they discovered problems i didn't even know i had. With their help, i have come far in a short time. After less then 3 months my neck pain is nearly non-existent (after more then 9 months of nothing with another reputable PT place). Everyone there is wonderful and caring.

Only downside is how booked up they are. you have to plan your visits well in advance if you want to pick the time.

Saul B.

I have been a satisfied customer for over 12 years. I had serious back pain and was unable to run. Within a few months Greg had me back renning. More recently I came to Greg wafter shoulder surgery with a serious rotator problem. I am progressing nicely. I reccommend Greg!

Bill K.